Moya Kala – Ethical Body Basics

Become a co-owner and invest in quality work that is fairly paid, with sustainable and durable materials. Help replace fast fashion.

Successfully finished - funding is secured.
of CHF 250’000 reached
Funded CHF 313’000
  • Securities
    Registered shares with voting rights
  • Impact
    Promotes living conditions for women in Bulgaria
  • Awards
    Vegan Fashion Award 2022
  • Founders
    Female founders
  • Market Entry
    September 2019
  • Team
    A lot of industry experience in fashion, start-ups and business administration

The Pitch

In order to replace fast fashion, you need alternatives – with Moya Kala we want to create the best alternatives. We are a women-led Swiss start-up producing sustainable Body Basics & Loungewear – all made in Bulgaria and under fair conditions. After the successful launch 4 years ago in Switzerland, we want to grow further and expand with our collections to Europe and other selected markets. You can now become a co-owner of Moya Kala. In doing so, we can benefit from each other, grow faster and also make more impact.

Comfortable, sustainable, and fair

Body Basics & Loungewear are among the most intimate garments of all because you feel them directly on your skin. That's why it goes without saying that Moya Kala only uses compatible materials. Thinking long-term is part of our self-image. This is also reflected in our collection design: our products are of the highest quality and intentionally versatile – not only as loungewear. In addition to seasonal collections, we also have “never-out-of-stock products” that are offered throughout the year. This is clearly much more sustainable than short-lived fast fashion trends.

In the fashion sector, sustainability involves much more than just the choice of materials. We have been working for a long time with a family business in Bulgaria that pays its sewers a fair wage and offers them a secure perspective in life.

Quality work that is fairly paid, with sustainable and durable materials – Moya Kala combines sensible consumption with a unique wearing experience.

In our opinion, one can only speak of a sustainable fashion label if the business model enables long-term improvements for the environment and people. With Moya Kala, we want to oppose fast fashion and offer women an alternative.

Support us in realising our vision – together we will make Moya Kala the best-known sustainable fashion label in Europe for Body Basics & Loungewear.

Why you should be part of it

When you invest in Moya Kala, you are actively helping to improve the lives of women – on the one hand, the lives of our customers who have an alternative to fast fashion with sustainable fashion, and on the other hand, the lives of our sewers in Bulgaria who not only benefit from fair employment conditions but also from fair remuneration that in turn goes to their families.

Furthermore, as a co-owner, you will receive discounts on our entire range – and of course, shares in the company including profit sharing. While the social return is the main focus at the beginning, the business plan anticipates regular profits in the foreseeable future. We are aware that goodwill alone is not enough to make a difference in the long term.

More about us

Moya Kala was founded by Claudine Tanner and in 2019 she successfully launched the first collection. After a maternity break, Claudine relaunched the label together with Sabina Gasser in 2021 and designed a collection update. They now run Moya Kala together. Claudine, who has a lot of industry experience and business know-how, is responsible for sales, business development and operations. Sabina, who also comes from the fashion industry and has start-up experience, is in charge of product development and, as an economist, also of finances. It's not just our clothes that are sustainable and fair, but our entire business model. We are passionate about the fashion industry and for our social commitment in the textile industry.

The Moya Kala team also includes eight other dedicated employees in the areas of marketing, design and sales. The sewers of our production partner in Varna in eastern Bulgaria are also part of the Moya Kala family: a family business founded in 1990 that offers its approximately twelve employees fair conditions and above-average pay. In order to give the sewers and their families a long-term perspective, we invest 1% of the turnover in a fund with which we directly support the local sewers. We regularly visit our production site in Varna to not only foster this partnership but also to ensure that our specifications are being met.

What we will use your investment for

Sustainability is one of the most important mega trends in the fashion industry – in Switzerland as well as throughout Europe and worldwide. To be able to compete with the leading fashion labels, we need more reach and an expansion of sales markets. With the investment we are seeking, we can build the necessary distribution structures to drive international expansion. In addition, we can take marketing measures to make Moya Kala better known. Last but not least, the investment will serve as a foundation for the afore-mentioned social fund, which fully benefits our sewers as it is primarily used to provide these workers and their children with education and support in emergency situations.