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Hey hottie, you're on FIRE! But perhaps not in the way you'd hope. Our planet is warming, labor conditions are deteriorating, and finding solutions is increasingly challenging. At maison blanche, we're revolutionizing the fashion industry by tackling current practices and confronting socio-political taboos. Our approach focuses on conceptual fashion design and dedicated craftsmanship that adheres to environmentally friendly production and distribution methods.

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The Pitch

Sustainable materials are not enough for us, circular fashion is the only future we can imagine! Known for our bold designs, commitment to sustainability, and ethical working conditions, we've made our mark at New York Fashion Week for two consecutive years. Our distinct dedication to social responsibility not only meets the evolving demands of our customers but also positions maison blanche within a unique and profitable niche — a niche that appeals to fashion enthusiasts who desire to be part of something greater than themselves!

With Amazon, we were able to introduce our vision to a wide audience. However, to stay true to our core values and maintain autonomy over our production, we are moving beyond this partnership. Your support will help us continue to spearhead this fashion revolution, free from the constraints of a major conglomerate, so you don't have to compromise your values for style.

About maison blanche 

Introducing maison blanche: A Swiss conscious-luxury fashion label challenging socio-political taboos through their conceptual designs and craftsmanship. Led by counter-cultural designer Yannik Zamboni, winner of the distinguished design competition show “Making the Cut”, maison blanche is expanding the boundaries of luxury fashion labels and their commitments to social responsibility. We have made waves with our latest collection in collaboration with Tags Against Crime, an advocacy organization which aims to empower survivors of sexual assault. maison blanche’s influence is beginning to extend beyond the runway as well, with compelling developments underway including shoes, bags, and sunglasses. More than just a label, maison blanche is a pathfinder, renegotiating what it means to be a fashion lover in the modern world. 

About Yannik

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Why Invest?

Our commitment to the unconventional and conscious consumer segments perfectly aligns with evolving customer preferences and positions maison blanche in a lucrative niche within the luxury fashion industry. That niche? Fashion lovers with a heart for something bigger than themselves. It is more important than ever to vote with our dollars, and show big, abusive corporations that it is possible to succeed without sacrificing values. The power of crowd investment and autonomy outside of major corporations can not be understated. Group power is the only way to create impactful and lasting change in such an established and hierarchical industry. Investing in us is ultimately about two things: Investing in the future and investing guilt-free!

This is a unique opportunity to invest in many distinct key sectors at once: luxury, ecosystem and industry. Our label is a pioneer in combining these areas, as we are one of the firsts to work towards a future of completely circular fashion – striving to produce all products toward cradle-to-cradle standards and eliminating all excuses from larger fashion companies on their sustainability commitments. Hotter closet, cooler Earth!

maison blanche offers a unique opportunity to combine a financial investment with a social one! With a solid track record, we have demonstrated a strong performance, achieving impressive sales as we expand our product portfolio rapidly-- scaling from high-end luxury clothing to perfumes, sunglasses, bags, and shoes.

With us, you won't just be investing in fashion – but in a future where your wallet could be just as attractive as your closet! Our dramatic, continuous rise in revenue underscores our ambitious growth strategy and market potential. As a label, we are deeply tapped into the subculture and have grown a strong community of socially-conscious supporters. By expanding into all sectors of fashion production, we at maison blanche are creating a universe of our own – where people can feel just as good on the inside as they can on the outside when wearing our clothes!

Where Your Money Goes!

With your investment, we aim to strengthen our independent production efforts, allowing us to reclaim autonomy over our creations to ensure they align closely with our ethos of sustainability and ethical labor practices. This means investing in our manufacturing facilities, technology, and skilled personnel to expand our capacity and capabilities!

As far as products are concerned, we are gradually expanding our product range and, in addition to our high-quality clothing, we also offer accessories and other luxury goods. As our first step, we will produce our new collection in two production stages this year. Production is split into these two phases so we have fewer styles per stage. There are many sources of error in clothing production, and by reducing the volume we are able to focus on ensuring that all details are of the highest quality standard. The majority of our collection will be produced in Portugal, utilizing Portuguese materials as well, and will be launched this year, beginning in September 2024. It will consist of 32 styles in the first round of production, and 20 styles in the second. Our goal is to make 90% of our products from completely compostable materials!

Further, we are committed to advancing our sustainability initiatives through dedicated research and development. Your funding will fuel innovation as we explore cutting-edge materials, manufacturing techniques, and supply-chain solutions to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing social impact!

Benefits for shareholders

As an investor in maison blanche, you are not only investing in Swiss precision, but also in our mission to redefine the fashion industry in a modern, sustainable landscape. We also offer you exciting benefits. Depending on the category, you can expect:

  • Early access to new product launches and VIP tickets
  • Perfumes from Maison Blanche
  • Lucrative discounts 
  • Tickets to the New York Fashion Week show and after party 
  • Invitation to an investor dinner
  • Private dinner with Yannik Zamboni
  • The exclusive XXX (18+) booklet by Yannik Zamboni

The full overview and details of your share package can be downloaded from the documents section of the investment proposal. 


Heidi Klum, Icon, Super Model, Business-Woman

«Yannik Zamboni is the type of fashion designer that constantly keeps me excited and surprised. Yannik is a visionary- he is bold and takes creative risks that truly sets him apart. His maison blanche brand is a true representation of Yannik’s commitment to ingenuity, sustainability and artistry.»

Yannick Aellen, Founder & Director – mode suisse

«Yannik Zamboni's emerging presence in the fashion circuit showcases talent and vision, reflecting contemporary trends and consistency, as well as depth and sustainable problem-solving. This courage and keen sense deserve strong support to ensure maison blanche's healthy growth.»

Dinie van den Heuvel, Founder & Director, sustainability visionary – Infantium Victoria

«In the vast industry of fashion Yannik has created, with maison blanche, a safe haven for innovation, community and social consciousness. Everyone talks about sustainability, Yannik is actively making his version of a better tomorrow for all of us, one garment at a time.»

Kaleigh Tirone, Business Development Director – Positive Materials

«maison blanche’s deeply avant-garde approach to fashion immerses us in values-driven and innovative garments, rooted in an unwavering commitment to demonstrate that designing and sourcing for a circular economy is not just a future concept, but a present reality.»

Peter Flückiger, CEO – Swiss Textiles

«I am impressed that maison blanche not only excels aesthetically but also conveys a clear stance and message. The innovative team led by Yannik combines these aspects masterfully. They actively fight against the oppression of minorities and promote dialogue, taking a leading role in the fashion industry.»

Stephen Ledezma, Senior Vice President – The Residency Experience

«maison blanche is an unparalleled brand that creates unbelievable wearable art. Yannik Zamboni is an artist, imaginative thinker and extraordinary individual.  He pushes the envelope with his brand maison blanche making the brand unmatched in the fashion industry.»

What our community says

  • Nicolas Oscar Morante
    Nicolas Oscar Morante
    Professional in the Fashion industry myself I believe Yannick’s vision has high potential to be diversified, developed and lead to a great success!
  • Julia Kuhn
    Julia Kuhn
    I love the work, I want to be involved
  • Alexia Hungerbühler
    Alexia Hungerbühler
    Unabhängigkeit und vorgelebte Nachhaltigkeit gepaart mit internationaler Fashion und einer attraktiven Marketingstrategie sind ausschlaggebend für den Erfolg.
  • Berenice Oswald
    Berenice Oswald
    Being unique means having a revolutionary, passionate, fearless spirit to follow your dream. I include Yannik's brand in my style because I want that for myself
  • Andrea Hagmann
    Andrea Hagmann
    Herz & Verstand Herz: Wer so tief fühlt & soviel geben kann, muss ein grosses Herz haben Verstand: Bei aller Schrägheit wird der Verstand immer zu Rate gefragt
  • Aaron Kohler
    Aaron Kohler
    maison blanche definiert die Mode neu. Eine Investition in die Zukunft!